Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

Learn how to use centerpieces in mason jars and create a unique and colorful atmosphere with table settings! These easy to make rustic mason jar centerpieces will the perfect finishing touch to any party!

Listed below are the full instructions and supply list, so you can make your own rustic centerpieces today.

Easy Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces for a Baby Shower

I promise these mason jar centerpieces are super simple to make and are adorable as a baby shower decoration! These centerpieces come together quickly and you will have them finished in just a few hours.

I will be using them for my sister’s baby shower this coming weekend and since she is having a woodland animal theme party, I think they will fit right in.

I found the ribbon, stampers, and flowers at my local craft store, but they are also available online at places like Amazon. Check out some of my suggestions below!

Ready to Get Started?

This simple mason jar craft will work up fast and can be done last minute if you are in a rush. If you’re ready to make these quick centerpiece mason jars, then read on down for the FREE instructions!

Happy Crafting!

Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces by Easy Crochet

Mason Jar Centerpieces for a Baby Shower


  1. Mason Jars
  2. ribbon
  3. card stock
  4. Scissors
  5. ink pad
  6. stamper
  7. real flowers or fake
  8. Burlap sheets
  9. hole punch
Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece

How to Make Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

FIRST: Cut ribbon to the desired length and tie around the top of the jar (I used two different kinds of ribbon on each jar

SECOND: Cut out card stock to form a tag (any shape will do), grab your stamper and ink and be creative (I chose leaves to go with the rustic woodland theme)

THIRD: Punch a hole in your tag and attach to ribbon, now tie the ribbon on the jar with the tag. (This is your second ribbon)

Baby Boy Baby Shower Rustic baby Shower Centerpiece

LAST: Cut burlap sheet and put into your mason jar, then insert flowers

You are done!

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rustic mason jar centerpieces baby shower

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