Ombre Crochet Blanket Pattern (Easy & Quick)

If you would like to learn how to crochet a classic blanket, then this is the pattern for you!

This easy crochet blanket uses a simple stitch repeat, which creates a beautiful texture that you can crochet into a baby blanket or even a throw for your living room. Plus, the yarn creates an ombre effect which makes for a stunning blanket!

up close view of a classic crochet blanket
Closeup of the Ombre Blanket

Scroll on down to learn all about the stitches you’ll need to know, the yarn and as well as the full ombre crochet blanket pattern in eight blanket sizes with size charts and yardage charts.

Happy blanket making!

easy to make classic crochet blanket
The Ombre Crochet Blanket

The Stitches for this Crochet Ombre Blanket

To make this blanket, you will need to know three basic crochet stitches. The first stitch is the half double crochet, followed by the slip stitch and finally the single crochet, all of which are fairly simple to learn.

Take a look below at a detailed explanation as well as links to the stitch tutorials if you’d like a refresher.

Crochet Stitches for a Classic Blanket

Slip Stitch (sl st): Tutorial & Video

  1. Insert hook into designated stitch
  2. YO (yarn over) and pull back through the st and through the loop on the hook.

Single Crochet (sc): Tutorial & Video

  1. Insert hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (YO) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch)  from back to front  (2 loops on hook).
  3. YO and pull through both loops on the hook.

Single Crochet

Single Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: sc
Difficulty Level: Easy
Learn this stitch →

Patterns Using This Stitch →

Half Double Crochet (hdc): Tutorial & Video

  1. YO (yarn over) insert hook from front to back of the designated stitch, YO the hook and pick up a loop. 
  2. YO the hook and pull back through all three loops on the hook.

Half Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: hdc
Difficulty Level: Easy
Learn this stitch →

Patterns Using This Stitch →

You can see how beautifully in the photo below how these stitches work together to create a wonderfully textured blanket! It is created by working a sl st followed by two half double crochets all in one stitch.

You can watch the video of this blanket being worked up in the video after the pattern. It is a very similar repeat to the Charlotte Blanket, which you may like to try too.

classic crochet blanket pattern

The Ombre Yarn

The whole blanket is worked up using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre yarn, which is a four weight-100% acrylic yarn fiber that is quite inexpensive, easy to find and comes in a value size of 482 yards (441 meters).

With that much yardage, you will quickly find out that you won’t need a lot of it to make a blanket, regardless of what size you pick below.

To make the same color blanket as mine, you will want the color Spearmint, which moves from light greenish blue to dark a teal and back again.

It’s perfect because it means you don’t have to switch colors, and you get that gradient ombre blanket look without changing yarn skeins. Take a look at it above, so you can see how pretty it is close up!

I also wanted to mention that this yarn is washable as well as dryer safe. It gets softer and softer with each wash, plus is durable, making it a great fiber for blankets that will be used frequently.

You can learn more about different yarn types and decide which is best for you.

Crochet Ombre Classic Blanket

Are You Ready to Start Crocheting?

Now that you know about the stitches and the yarn, the only thing left is the pattern! I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite crochet blanket patterns for ombre yarn because of the texture!

Use this free crochet blanket pattern to make an ombre blanket in eight different sizes such as baby, twin, full plus more.

Scroll on down to find the free blanket pattern here on the blog in eight sizes, or purchase the AD-FREE printable PDF in our shop for easy on the go crocheting.

Happy Blanket Making!

The Ombre Classic Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


Finished Size

  • Size shown is “stroller” – See size chart below for additional blanket sizes including lovey, baby, receiving, throw, twin, full, queen, and king


  • Gauge: 8 rows x 12 sts = 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Gauge Pattern: ch 12 and follow written pattern below.

Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

  • hdc = half double crochet
  • ch = chain
  • sk = skip
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • rep = repeat
  • sc = single crochet


The Blanket Pattern

Foundation Row: See chart below for starting chain of the blanket size you are making

Row 1: in the 3rd ch from the hook make 2 hdc’s, * sk 2 ch’s, in next ch do 1 sl st & 2 hdc’s, rep from * across until you are left with 3 ch’s, sk 2 ch’s, sc in last ch, turn. 

Row 2: ch 1 (counts as a sc) in the next st make 2 hdc’s, *sk 2 st’s, in the next st make 1 sl st & 2 hdc’s, rep from * across until you are left with 3 st’s, sk 2 st’s, sc into the top of the turning ch, turn. 

Row 3 -? (See chart below for size being made): Rep row 2.

Finishing: Fasten off yarn and weave in loose ends with a yarn needle throughout the blanket. You can add a border if you wish as well to give it a finished look.

  1. Crochet Blanket Border Ideas

Blanket Size Chart

Height WidthStarting chRows

Yardage & Total Skeins

Total skeins are calculated using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre 10 oz, 482 yard size. If you are using a different four weight yarn use yardage instead.

Total YardageTotal Skeins

Classic Crochet Blanket Video

Use the video below to learn the stitches you’ll need to make this classic ombre blanket!

NOTE: If you have an ad-blocker on, you may not be able to see the video.

Save to Crochet this Blanket Later

Use the images below to save to Pinterest, so you can make the ombre blanket whenever you’d like.

Follow along with us, too, so you’ll know every time we release a new crochet blanket pattern.

ombre blanket crochet pattern
ombre crochet blanket pattern

More Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

Take a look at a few of my favorite free crochet blankets here on the blog, so you can crochet throw blankets, baby blankets and more below. Find the perfect crochet blanket pattern for you!

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  1. I love this pattern and want to do it. I always do a small practice run before moving to the real thing. I have restarted 3 different times. Im starting with chain 45 but in the second row I’m not ending with 3 left over. What am I missing?

    1. Hi Angel,

      Make sure you are counting the turning chain as a st too. At the end of the rows you would have 2 “regular” stitches left and then the turning chain.

      Hopefully, this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.


  2. This is just beautiful! I am going to start working on this tonight. Thank you so much for this gorgeous project.

  3. I just started this blanket using Red Heart Liquid Teal. It is working up beautifully. Thank you so much for this pattern.

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  5. How did you get the colors to line up so it looks like adding in a different color. Mine turned out a lot different because of this. I was happy with it but just curious.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I just crocheted and this is how they naturally fell into place. I made the stroller size, so it may have been just the perfect size to get the colors to line up nicely.


  6. I ♥️All the blankets you posted!!! I make blankets a lot and give them away where needed. It gives Joy to the person receiving it, and it gives me Joy to make it. I’ve made for Nursing Home residents (of which my sweet Mama is now comfortly residing.

  7. I love this one! I have been looking for a good pattern to make my grandson a “couch blanket” . Do you think I could do this in a #5 chunky yarn? What do you think the starting chain would be for a throw?

      1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m currently working on making a blanket using your tutorial. It is working up amazing. I have been asked for the name of the stitch a couple times and I didn’t see that in your post…

      2. You are welcome, Wendy!

        I am not certain if there is a name. 🙂

        I just worked up this combination of stitches and designed the blanket.

        If you do find a name for it, I’d love to know!


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