Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn 5 Crochet Patterns

With Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta yarn you can create these beautiful crochet designs in no time at all!

Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn Crochet Patterns

This New Yarn Feels Like Butta From Lion Brand is Soft!

One of the newest yarns from Lion Brand is Feels like Butta and is one of the softest fibers that I have had the pleasure of working with. It is extremely cozy feeling and glides easily on and off a crochet hook.

If you were wondering about the Feels Like Butta yarn weight it is considered a four weight which happens to be my favorite!

It almost feels like chenille and is so soft to the touch which is perfect for babies and someone like me who prefers non-scratchy yarn.

So, if you were looking for an extra cozy yarn for a project this new line from Lion Brand Yarn may be it! It is seriously so soft! 

I provided a link below so you can check out all the amazing colors the Feels Like Butta comes in which are quite amazing if you ask me! I love them all but my top three are Dusty Pink, Royal Blue & Yellow! Which ones are your favorite? Betcha can’t pick one! 

Do You Want to Try Feels Like Butta Yarn?

Go ahead and try Feels like Butta for yourself and let me know what you think! You won’t regret it. Promise! 🙂 As an FYI it is currently only available on the Lion Brand Yarn Website but when it is distributed to stores I will be sure to update this post.

Update: It is NOW available in Michaels!

Feels Like Butta Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn

5 Free Crochet Patterns With Feels Like Butta Yarn

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Feels like Butta Yarn - Pink Crochet Scarf Pattern

Pretty in Pink Scarf – Easy Crochet

Childs Crochet Cardigan Using Feels Like Butta yarn Make and Do Crew

Child’s Crochet Cardigan– Make and Do Crew

Softest Lounge Pullover - Mama in a Stitch

Softest Lounge Pullover – Mama in a Stitch

Childs Puff Stitch Cowl - All about Ami - Feels Like Butta Yarn by Lion Brand

Child’s Puff Stitch Cowl – All About Ami

Le Nuage Crochet Wrap Pattern

Le Neuge Wrap – Sewrella

Go Ahead and Get Some Feels Like Butta Yarn Today!


Feels Like Butta Yarn Crochet Patterns

What Will You Crochet First With This New Yarn?

I hope you enjoyed this small but pretty awesome list! (If I do say so myself!) There may not be to many crochet patterns using Feels like Butta but these are the few I could find that I thought would be great to try!

Have fun picking from these fun crochet patterns and please let me know what you think of this yarn!

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