25 MM Crochet Hook Crochet Patterns

If you are looking for some free crochet patterns to make using a 25 mm crochet hook, then you are in luck!

First, we’ll discuss what yarn size is best to use with a 25 mm as well as where to buy a bigger hook such as the 25 mm or up.

All About a 25 mm Crochet Hook

A 25 mm (U) crochet hook, is actually the diameter of the shaft of the hook in mm. The shaft of the hook is the part of the crochet hook that determines the hook size. The size of the shaft determines the size of the yarn loops as well.

What Size Yarn is Best for a 25 mm Crochet Hook?

A 25 mm crochet hook is best for a Jumbo 7 or bigger yarn like roving.

My favorites yarn to use is Bernat Extra Thick with a 25 mm hook. Take a look at a few of my go-to yarn colors.

Where can I buy a 25 mm crochet hook?

You can find a 25 mm crochet hook on Amazon, from artisans on Etsy and in some local craft stores as well.

Ready to Get Started?

Below, I’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best easy crochet patterns that use a 25 mm crochet hook size.


Crochet 25 mm Crochet Hook Patterns

Explore this collection of free crochet patterns that use the 25 mm crochet hook size! Most of the patterns are crochet blankets, since they are the easiest to make with the bigger 25 mm crochet hook size. Enjoy!

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