Milo Crochet Market Bag Free Pattern

The Milo bag, which is a free crochet market tote pattern, works up fast and uses simple stitches! If you are looking for an easy bag pattern, then this might be the one for you.

I am excited for you to try this quick pattern and make a tote bag. Keep on reading down to find the market bag pattern to get started.

Crochet Tote Bag usig Rewind Yarn

Are you planning a trip to the farmer’s market or a beach vacation? You’ll have to try my simple market bag pattern too!

How to Make an Easy Crochet Market Bag

Learn all abut the yarn and stitches you’ll need to know to make this easy crochet tote bag!


I used Lion Brand Yarns’ new Rewind Yarn (affiliate link) in the colorway Current Situation for the entire bag. This fiber is a tape yarn and oh so soft!

It is a yarn that you have to see in person to appreciate how pretty it is! You will need to hold two skeins together at once for this bag pattern to make it sturdy and holds up well to all the goodies that will be filling it!


This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 5 – Bulky yarn.


Fiber: 70% Polyester, 30% Viscose
Yardage: 219
Hook: 6.5 mm (K-10.5)

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To complete this bag, you will need to be familiar with a couple of basic stitches. You must know how to single crochet and double crochet, that’s it! Learn more about these crochet stitches below.

Double Crochet (dc): 

  1. Wrap the yarn over (yo) the hook, insert the hook into the specified st.
  2. Yo the hook again, draw the yarn through the st, so there are 3 loops on the hook
  3. Yo the hook again draw it through 2 loops, so there are 2 loops on the hook
  4. Yo the hook, draw it through the final 2 loops.

Double Crochet

Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: dc
Difficulty Level: Easy
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Single Crochet (sc):

  1. Insert hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (Yo) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch) from back to front (2 loops on hook).
  3. Yo and pull through both loops on the hook.

Single Crochet

Single Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: sc
Difficulty Level: Easy
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This Easy Crochet Tote Bag Works up Fast

This design is a simple crochet market bag tutorial that can be used all summer long! Take with you to local farmers markets, shops and much more to fill up with whatever it is you may need!

This pattern is meant to be a cross-body bag, but you could easily crochet two handles and use it as a shoulder bag if you wish. It is up to you! It would even make a cute beach tote!

The bag has spaces between the stitches that are perfect for letting sand fall through back on to the beach and not in your house! You’ll thank me later.

Crochet Market Bag Pattern DIY

Ready to Get Started?

The Milo Crochet Market Bag is a pattern that can be worked up reasonably quickly, holding two skeins of yarn together at the same time.

If you think you are ready to learn how to crochet a market bag, then read on down for the full free pattern.

Milo Crochet Market Bag Pattern Description

Skill Level: Intermediate


Finished Size

Tote: approximately 21″ circumference & 12.5″ height (without handles) Handles: 37″ & 2″ width



  • This bag pattern is written in American Standard Terms.
  • Hold two strands of yarn together for the entire pattern, including the handles.
  • I cannot guarantee how different yarns will work up with this pattern. I highly urge you to use the yarn that the pattern was written with.
  • When working in rounds, we will be placing a stitch marker in the first stitch of every round.
  • This is a cross-body bag, so you will have one long handle attached.

Crochet Market Tote Pattern Free

Working in Rows:

To start: ch 19

Row 1: In 2nd ch from the hook do a sc, sc in every ch across, turn. (18)

Row 2: Ch 1, In the 1st stitch do a sc, sc in every st across, turn. (18)

Row 3: Repeat 2

Row 4: Repeat 2

Row 5: Repeat 2 (but don’t turn, keep working the piece with the directions below)

Working in Rounds:

Round 1: working down the short side after the last row sc in the same st again, sc 4 times evenly along the short side, make on more sc in the same space as the last sc, now working down the bottom of the starting ch, sc across in each st for a total of 18 sc’s, sc in the same st as the last sc, work 5 sc’s down the other short side. (48 sts, including the 18 from row 5)

Round 2: scbl (place a stitch marker into this st), scbl in every st around. (48)

Round 3: sc (place a stitch marker into this st), ch 1, sk a st, *sc, ch 1, sk a st, repeat across ending with a ch 1, sk st. (48)

TIP: place or move up the stitch marker in the first st of each round

Round 4: *dc in ch 1 space, ch 1, sk a st, repeat from * around . (48)

Round 5: Repeat 4 (48)

Round 6: Repeat 3 (48)

Round 7: Repeat 4 (48)

Round 8: Repeat 4 (48)

Round 9: sc in every st around. (48)

Round 10: Repeat 9 (48)

Round 11: *sk the next st, dc, go back to the sk st and dc (criss-cross double crochet is made!) repeat from * around. (48)

Round 12: Repeat 9 (48)

Round 13: *dc, sk a st, ch 1, repeat from * across (48)

Round 14: Repeat 4 (48)

Round 15: Repeat 4 (48)

Round 16: Repeat 9 (48)

Round 17: Repeat 9, (48) slip stitch into the row before to finish. Fasten off yarn.


To start: Leave a 10″ tail and ch 5

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from the hook sc, sc in the remaining ch’s, turn. (4)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in the first st, sc in each st across. (4)

Row 3 – whatever length reaches 37″: Repeat Row 2, after the last row fasten off yarn leaving a 10″ tail.


Tote: Weave in ends throughout the tote with a yarn needle.

How to Attach Handles to a Crochet Bag
Joining handle on a crochet bag

Handles: Attach the handles using the 10″ tailpiece on each end and a yarn needle. Attach to the top of the tote bag evenly along the next to the last row of sc’s and along the top securely on opposite sides of the bag to make a cross-body strap.

You Are Done With Your Very Own Crochet Farmers Market Bag!

This market bag will stretch a bit, but that just means you can fit more goodies in it. If you need any clarification, please feel free to email me at Krista [at]

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    1. Each skein is 242 yards. This bag is worked up holding two skeins together at the same time so you will need approximately 2 skeins of this yarn to make the bag.

  1. On row 13 it says to repeat row 4. Row 4 has me dc in a ch1 space. there are no
    chain 1 spaces in row 12.
    I don’t know where to go from here.

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