Back Loop Crochet vs. Front Loop Crochet

Every once in a while you will come across a pattern that will ask you to crochet in the front loops only or crochet in the back loops only. If you are here wondering what this means, then I can help!

Scroll on down to learn more about crocheting the front loop and crocheting the back loop!

What is Back Loop Crochet? What is Front Loop Crochet?

The front loop and back loop of a stitch is the top of a stitch that you work into when crocheting. There is a front loop and back loop of every stitch that resembles the letter “V“.

Front Loops and Back Loops of a Stitch

Back Loop

The back loop is the part of the V that is furthest away from you when crocheting. It can be written as BL (back loop) or BLO (back loop only) in crochet patterns.

Front Loop

The front loop is the part of the V that is closest to you when crocheting. It can be written as FL (front loop) or FLO (front loop only) in crochet patterns.

The V in Crochet

Take a look at the image below of a row of single crochets to see where the front loops and back loops are as well as see how the “V” is formed 

The Bottom image shows the V that is formed when a stitch is created.

Usually, when crocheting, you will work into both loops at the same time to create a new stitch unless otherwise stated.

The stitch looks like a V from the top, and the bl is the part of the V that is the furthest away from you.

Why Use a Back Loop (BL) or Front Loop (FL)?

You take a basic stitch like the single crochet and change it to be quite unique by working through the back loop of the stitch or the front loop of a stitch instead of through both loops.

You can create ribbing for hats, sweaters, and blankets by working into only the back loops of stitches. The ridges or ribs are formed by the unworked front loops of the stitches.

Take a look below of an example of working in a back loop of a stitch.

example of working in the bl to create a ribbed brim on the Neon Hat Pattern

Crochet Patterns using BLO Crochet and FLO Crochet