Wavy Crochet Blanket Pattern

I am so excited to share this Wavy Crochet Blanket Pattern with you all!  I have been working on this fun design in my spare time which lately is not much time at all since I am a part-time crocheter and full-time mom!

Ready to get started? Keep on reading down to find the full, free blanket pattern!

Perfect for Beginners!

If you are just learning to crochet then this pattern is perfect for you! It has an easy repetitive design and is easy to work up in no time at all.

The Yarn

I used worsted weight yarn in a variety of brands so any kind you have would work great. If you are looking for recommendations I would highly suggest Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice. It’s one of my favorites to use for throw blankets!

Ready to Get Started?

Read on down to find the free crochet pattern! Have fun and happy crocheting! 🙂

Crochet Pattern: Wavy Crochet Blanket Pattern || Easy Crochet

Wavy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


  • yarn needle


  • Gauge is approximately 10 stitches for every 4 inches
  • length is approximately 42″ with a starting chain of 97
  • how to change colors in crochet tutorial —-> How to Change Colors in Crochet
  • Written in standard US terms
Crochet Pattern: Wavy Blanket || Easy Crochet

The Pattern Steps

Foundation Row: Chain 97

Row 1: using color a single crochet in the second chain from the hook, and then in every chain across, turn (96)

Row 2: chain 1, starting in second chain from hook * single crochet once in each of next 3 chains, double crochet once in each of next 3 chains, repeat from * across until the end of the row. turn (96)

Row 3: using color b chain 1,single crochet in the second chain from the hook, and then in every chain across, turn (96)

Row 4: chain 2, starting in 3rd chain from hook *double crochet once in each of next 3 chains, single crochet once in each of next 3 chains, repeat from * across until the end of the row. turn (96)

Row 5: using color c chain 1 and repeat row 1.

Row 6: repeat row 2 with color c

Row 7: using color d chain 1 and repeat row 3

Row 8: repeat row 4 with color d

Row 9: using color  b repeat row 1

Row 10: repeat row 2 using  color b


First: Continue with colors as follows, *a, a, b, b, c, c, d, d, b, b, repeat from * throughout the blanket while making sure to follow along with repeating row 1-4 as you are going along. So for example  Row 11 would be using color a and repeating row 3. Row 12 will be color a and repeating row 4, Row 13 would be color b repeating row 1 for the rest of the blanket.

Lastly: Don’t forget to weave in loose ends when you are done or as you go along with your yarn needle. I know that this may sound confusing but I find it helps to keep a notebook handy and keep track of what row and what color you are on as you go along.

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Share with Easy Crochet!

If you do make this please post on Instagram with the hash tag #Easy Crochetcom, so I can see your creations!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I am more than happy to assist in any way possible.


  1. DJ HIXSON says:

    how can I make it larger?

  2. I want to say I love your patterns! I am having issues on the foundation and row 1 and 2. I chain 97. Then I single crochet and get a total of 96. On row 2, I do the 3, 3 combo and keep ending up with two extra sc on row 1? I keep redoing it, but with the same outcome. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      It should work out evenly if you have 96 Sc’s in your FR and then in the 1st row when you do the 3, 3 combo. Do you have a picture you could show me?

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