22 of the Best Crochet Pattern Books In 2024

Whether you are looking for crochet books for beginners, an advanced crochet stitch book or you just want to know where you can buy crochet pattern books, this post will help!

Explore some top must-have crochet books of 2024 that you can buy and help yourself to expand your knowledge of the art of crochet!

Best Crochet Book list

When I started to crochet, I collected a few books, which I still love and use today. So consider this to be a book guide for what you can use as a beginner crocheter and beyond to when you have advanced your skills.

My favorite crochet booklet by far is The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. It has various unique crochet stitches with photo tutorials, which makes designing new patterns exciting. I highly recommend that you take a look at it. (You can find the book in the list below too!)

The Most Helpful Crochet Books To Read

Explore the top crochet books below to find beginner crochet books, crochet amigurumi books and crochet stitches book. You can even find some crochet kit books that may interest you too.

If you have any suggestions on more crochet books that you personally love, please let me know in the comments!

Happy Crochet Book Looking!

The Top Crochet Beginner Books

Modern Crochet – Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker

Author: DeBrosse 

Use this book as a guide for beginner crocheters tot learn the basics of crochet. It will teach you about crochet tools, how to read a pattern. Includes 16 + patterns as well as 15+ stitch techniques.

Crochet For Beginners – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Nancy Gordon

If you were looking for books for how to crochet for beginners, then you can use this book to learn how to crochet with simple tutorials and patterns. Includes complete step-by-step picture illustrations of stitches & more to learn the quick and easy way to crochet!

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The Best Crochet Stitch Books

A to Z of Crochet: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter

Author: Martingale

All your crochet questions are answered in this crochet stitches book. Learn the basics to the most advanced stitches all in one place. Explore the 1,000s of crochet stitch pictures and easy stitch tutorials to help you crochet better.

This book is great for beginners, but also is a advanced crochet book too because of the range of stitches it includes.

Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos

Author: Sarah Hazell

Use this stitch book to learn new crochet stitches that range in skill level! Each stitch has detailed instructions (even charts) and makes learning new stitches fun! It’s your personal crochet stitch library in one place.

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The Top Crochet Amigurumi Books

Crochet Cafe: Recipes for Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Author: Lauren Epsy

Crochet Cafe has over 30 adorable and appetizing food-inspired amigurumi patterns. This crochet book has detailed patterns, instructions, and pictures to help you crochet the cutest food ever!

Crochet Cute Critters – 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns

Author: Sarah Zimmerman

Use this fun crochet book to crochet 26 beginner-friendly and easy amigurumi patterns. Patterns include crochet animals such as alligators all the way to zebras.

Whimsical Stitches: A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Author: Lauren Epsy

The best-selling crochet amigurumi book in 2018 + 2019! The author includes 30 easy to follow crochet patterns that are grouped in fun crochet themes such as..

  • In the Garden
  • At the Aquarium
  • Down on the Farm
  • At the Bakery

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The Top Crochet Kit Books

Crochet Dogs: 10 Adorable Projects for Dog Lovers 

Author: Megan Kreiner

This adorable amigurumi crochet kit includes all the materials you’ll need to create two of the ten cuddly dog designs: yarn, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, fiberfill stuffing, and two pairs of safety eyes.

The 80-page crochet dog book contains photos and illustrations to guide you in making all ten crochet dog projects

More Crochet Kit Books to Check Out:

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