The Best Places to Buy Yarn Online

If you are you looking for a way to stock up on yarn but can’t get out (or don’t want to), or you don’t have a yarn store near you then this post is for you!

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The introvert in me loves the idea of online yarn shopping, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite websites where I prefer to shop for yarn online.

Where to buy yarn online

Benefits & Reasons for Yarn Shopping Online

Shopping for yarn online can be done for many reasons, and it has many benefits too!

  • Reasons:
    • You don’t feel like going out
    • There may be no yarn stores near you
    • You don’t have the time to drive to a store and walk through it
    • You have limited mobility
    • You have no transportation, which means you can’t make it to craft stores or yarn shops
  • Benefits:
    • Access to many more brands & types of yarn than any brick-and-mortar store.
    • Ability to find and use coupon codes and discounts that are only available online.

All of these reasons make for a compelling argument to buy your yarn online. To be honest, my two biggest reasons are because I dislike crowds now (who doesn’t), and I need the wide selection that online offers over in-store. While running, my goal is to find, test and use as many different types of yarn as possible.

Scroll on down to find some of the best places that sell yarn online. I hope you enjoy this list and Happy Online Yarn Shopping!

The Best Websites to Buy Yarn From

Firstly, I need to start with the fact that I love Lionbrands compassion to help others. For example, their #HATNOTHATE platform which is an anti-bullying program. Secondly, I love their yarn. They have a great variety of all types of yarns to chose from such as cotton, wool, and acrylic. You can’t go wrong with this great company.

Amazon is easy to shop on, and they have an almost endless variety of yarns to pick from. You can’t go wrong. Most yarn retailers sell their yarn on Amazon, so it is easy to find and quick to get which means you can start your new crochet or knit project faster.

Knit Picks

This online yarn shop not only has yarn but patterns, tools and more! Their yarn selection is big so more than likely you’ll find the yarn you need online here. If you are looking for an amazing variety then Knit Picks is the place to browse.

Micheals craft store not only has yarn but patterns, tools and more crafts you can try. They have a pretty broad selection of yarns from most major manufacturers like Yarnspirations, Lion Brand plus their yarn line too.

Let’s not forget that Target,, Joann’s, Ravelry and WeCrochet are all great places to find yarn too!

Where Are You Going to Order Yarn Online?

I hope you liked this list of places to shop online for yarn! If you have other suggestions of where to get yarn on the internet, please suggest them to me in the comments. Be sure to check out my yarn deals page which I update frequently for some of the best yarn shopping deals!

Be sure to let me know which yarns you picked over in the Easy Crochet Facebook Community. We are nice. Promise!

Yarn Stores Near Me

If you’d like to find out if yarn shops are located near where you live take a look at our Yarn Shop Locator. It is an easy to search database of local yarn stores!

Favorite Yarns of Easy Crochet

Here are a few of my favorite yarns below if you’d like to take a look too!

Mandala Yarn

The Lion Brand Mandala line featuring Mandala Baby, Mandala Ombre and more! Shop the whole array of Mandala yarns on

Take a peek at the ombre triangle scarf I made using this yarn or this ombre scarf I used it on too.

Vanna's Choice Yarn

Vanna’s Choice

This yarn has been my go to for YEARS! I have used Vanna’s Choice in so many crochet projects, there is a good chance you have probably seen it a time or two here on the blog.

Shop Vanna’s Choice on

The best places to buy yarn online
Where to Buy Yarn Online
best places to buy yarn online


  1. I’m always disappointed with Michaels yarn selection. Mostly acrylic and limited brands. I like that Joanne’s has their regular brands but almost always have some specialty yarn limited supply but nice to see and touch something new. They also have nice cotton and wool selections that Michaels just doesn’t have. There’s nothing wrong with acrylic yarns but sometimes you want something a little more special.. I like the Mary Maxim catalog, they have many yarns and good prices. There’s also WEBS yarn that has high end cashmere and such and always has clearence yarn. No hobby is cheap these days but the money I spend on crochet yarn helps my sanity so it’s worth it to me.

  2. Walmart offers sales on their yarns all the time, many times with free shipping. They sell all name brand yarns.

  3. I’d love to order yarn online, however, I simply can’t afford the shipping. I think crocheting and knitting is for people who don’t have to watch every dime they have. It’s mostly for people with a hefty bank account.

    1. Hi Claire,

      I do know that some places offer free shipping and run great sales throughout the year. Also, there are a lot of yarns like are budget friendly such as Vanna’s Choice and most of the Red Heart line on Amazon. 🙂

      Have a great rest of the day.


    2. You should look at People sell lots of crochet and knitting supplies at very reasonable prices. Some of the items are new.

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