Your First Crochet Beginner Sweater Pattern

Your First Crochet Beginner Sweater is a free and easy crochet pattern that is made to measure, size inclusive and beginner friendly. Despite all our patterns being beginner friendly and pretty easy, we really wanted to design a “first crochet beginner sweater” pattern.  So this is the pattern for all those amazing crocheters who want to crochet their first sweater! We stripped out the “hard” stuff (actually it’s not that hard) and made your first crochet sweater super easy!

Your First Crochet Beginner Sweater is a long sleeved warm sweater that is made from half double crochets. It features a boatneck design that can be customized to be off the shoulder or crocheted as a tighter on the shoulder style. There is no ribbing on the base of the sweater or cuffs on the sleeves to keep the pattern simple for beginners. Your First Crochet Beginner Sweater is designed to hit slightly below the waist with an oversized look.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Kiks and Jack Crochet.

View the full pattern here 

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