Spring to Summer Light Mesh Top

The spring blossoms are out, and with that comes one of our favourite transitional pieces….the crochet mesh sweater top. It feels a little too cold to be wearing tank tops, yet a spring crochet mesh is a little warmer, so easy to wear … and so fast to crochet. 

The Spring to Summer Light Mesh Crochet Top is a light mesh top sweater. It features an oversized design and long sleeves. There is no ribbing on the base of the top or sleeves. The neckline is wide and has a raw patterned edge. It can be customized to be tighter or customized to be off the shoulder. The stitches used to create the mesh are simple and beginner friendly. The sleeve panels have a different stitch pattern that is also easy and beginner friendly. They are designed to be oversized and wide.

The Spring to Summer Light Mesh Crochet Top is a free and easy crochet pattern available as a size inclusive made to measure pattern. This pattern is suitable for beginners.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Kiks and Jack Crochet.

View the full pattern here 

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