Mustard and Co Tunisian Crochet Blanket

This project combines popular Tunisian crochet stitches, Tunisian purl and knit stitch, in a slightly unusual combination as they are crocheted diagonally from corner to corner rather than in the most common way in straight rows. Together, they create a striking texture while giving the final project a very warm and cosy feel. The blanket is sized for toddler/small child; however it can be easily adjusted for smaller/bigger sizes by either using lighter/heavier weight yarn or reducing/adding stitch pattern row repeats.

  • The blanket is crocheted flat with RS always facing.
  • It is crocheted in diagonal fashion starting at the bottom left edge with 2 increase stitches every row to the middle section and 2 decrease stitches to upper right corner.
  • The number of loops on the hook on decrease rows refers to the resulting stitch count at the end of the forward pass.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Exquisite Crochet UK.

View the full pattern here 

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