Holiday Lace and Mesh Crochet Top

The Holiday Lace and Mesh Crochet Top is a short sleeved top using mainly three types of stitches. It is designed to be slightly oversized and finish below the waist – however this is a made to measure pattern and is fully customizable. It features a square neck design and rows of alternative stitch patterns. The sleeves are short with a lacy finish.

These holidays, if you hate being too hot in a crowded, heated room (love those open fires however) or a crowded mall (where you tend to find yourself during the holiday season) – then consider crocheting a short sleeve that can then be layered under a cardigan (crocheted of course). You can show off all your beautiful crochet in one outfit and can easily layer it on and off.

On holiday mode, wear the Holiday Lace and Mesh Crochet Top in solid reds or greens and layer it under a beautiful white fluffy crocheted cardigan. Off holiday mode wear this piece separately so you can get extended use out of your hard work!

The Holiday Lace and Mesh Crochet Top is a made to measure, size inclusive, and beginner friendly pattern. It can accommodate for different yarn gauges.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Kiks and Jack Crochet.

View the full pattern here 

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