Office Redo and Yarn Storage Reveal

Let me start this post by admitting that I DO have a little problem with buying yarn and hoarding it! Don’t we all?

Anyway, Chris (my husband for those that don’t know) was kind enough to offer to build me some yarn storage for my massive collection of yarn. 

Yarn Storage and Office Space Inspiration

If you would like to see my Office Redo and Yarn Storage Reveal, then scroll on down! 🙂

Office Redo and Yarn Storage Reveal

He built a total of 10 cubes at 13 X 13″ each. I got my inspiration for them from these storage shelves on Amazon. I also asked him to leave me an open space at the bottom to stash any leftover scrap yarn or extra skeins in a big basket. 

Yarn Storage System

Organized Yarn Makes Me Happy!

Don’t you just love looking at yarn stashes??  He also built me a shelf above my desk to store buttons, scissors, crochet hooks and other little nick knacks.

I even have my favorite scarf hanging and Penn’s puppy collar displayed to remind me why I do what I do!

Yarn Storage Cabinets

How Do you Store Your Yarn?

I LOVE LOVE how organized everything is now, and I think it makes a much better creative environment. How do you store your yarn?

Yarn Storage Shelves

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at my Office Redo and Yarn Storage Reveal!

Yarn Storage ideas

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