Crochet Mesh Button Scarf Pattern

Learn how to make a simple crochet scarf using the mesh stitch!

Mesh Stitch Crochet Scarf

I was inspired by the mesh stitch tutorial that I did a few weeks ago that I decided to make Elise a scarf with that very stitch!

This open crochet mesh button scarf worked up very quickly and would be a great project for all levels of crocheters!

The Yarn That’s Perfect for This Crochet Mesh Stitch Scarf!

I highly recommend Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice because of the awesome colors that are available and how easily it is so find!

Click the yarn image below to check them out!

Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand Yarn in Charcoal Grey

Ready to get started on your new scarf?

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Happy Crocheting!

Crochet Mesh Stitch

Crochet Mesh Button Scarf

Skill Level: Easy


The Mesh Button Scarf Pattern

With Color A Chain 18

ROW 1: Double Crochet in 5th Chain from Hook. Chain 1 , * Skip the next Chain, Double crochet in Next , Chain 1. repeat from * across until end of row. turn.

ROW 2: Chain 4, Double Crochet into first Double Crochet, *Chain 1, Double Crochet into next Double Crochet, repeat from * until end of row ending with 1 Double Crochet in top of turning chain from row below. Turn.

ROW 3-36: Repeat Row 2, after row 36 fasten off yarn & weave in loose ends with a yarn needle.


Join Color B on one of the short sides of scarf right after a corner.

1: 2 Single Crochets (in Chain 1 Space) , Ch1 , continue this pattern until you reach the corner

2: In Corner do 2 Single Crochets , Chain 2, 2 Single Crochets all in corner space.

3: Chain 1, 2 Single Crochets in turning chain space along long side of scarf.

4: Continue along outside of scarf following instructions for the given section you are you on.

5: End with 2 Single Crochets & 2 Chains in corner. join with a slip stitch to first Single Crochet. Chain 1

6: Single Crochet in every stitch across until the corner, Single Crochet in previous rows Chain 2 space, then Chain 2 , Single Crochet again in same space.

7: Continue working Single Crochets across on every stitch working corners as previously stated. Fasten off with a slip stitch and work in ends with a yarn needle.


Using Color B Fasten Buttons on to Scarf Evenly. Since the Mesh stitch was used there is no need for button holes. Just push through scarf and you are done!! 🙂

Finished Size should be approximately 6 X 30.

If you need help with the mesh stitch here is a tutorial to guide you.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Crochet Mesh Button Scarf Pattern!

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