Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater

We love crochet mesh!  Most of the time we crochet them in the spring and wear them all through summer and fall.  The Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater is a light and airy piece that can be worn all season. Kiks and Jack Crochet made this version in a beautiful cotton blend that is perfect for the warmer months. We have also made another version in premium acrylic turning it into a snuggly sweater.

The Nusa Mesh Net Crochet Sweater features a slightly oversized design that also includes oversized long sleeves with ribbing. The neckline is wide and flattering and can be customized to include an off the shoulder or on the shoulder design.

This is a free and easy crochet pattern available in a range of sizes. We are proud to convert this pattern into a made to measure, so that you have an option of creating a beautiful pattern that is perfect for your sizing.  Links to both a graded sizing pattern and a made to measure pattern can be found on our site.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Kiks and Jack Crochet.

View the full pattern here 

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