Printable for Crochet & Knitting Lovers

This free printable for Crochet & Knitting Lovers is undoubtedly what every yarn lover needs! This saying makes me laugh every time I see it because it never fails when I’m working on my crochet patterns I always get interrupted… Always.

You know exactly what I mean, when you are right in the middle of counting stitches and someone yells “Mommy” or your husband decides that it’s the perfect time to carry on a conversation about something entirely random.

Free Crochet Printable

Get the Free Knit and Crochet Printable

Go grab your free printable below so you can “gently” remind the people around you to not talk to you when you are counting!

Free Printable - Crochet & Knitting || CROCHET PRINTABLE || Don't talk to me when i'm counting! by Easy Crochet

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Free Printable for Crochet & Knitting Lovers - Free Printable - Crochet & Knitting || CROCHET PRINTABLE || Don't talk to me when i'm counting! by Easy Crochet

The Free Printable

I hope you enjoy these free printable for crocheters and knitters as much as I do!

Get the Printable

Click here to download your  “Don’t talk to me when I’m counting” printable. *for personal use only.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our Free Printable for Crochet and Knitting Lovers, and don’t forget to find me around (in the links below) so you will always know when I release free fun stuff!

Happy Crocheting!




  1. I am so very Happy to find you & all of your Beautiful projects!! Also I Love your name!! I too rescued puppies & know how Loving & needing of their Forever Homes. Thank you for being a rescuer! Your pups are all so adorable. Mine were 2 pomeranians I rescued but so very sadly, they are gone. But, never,ever forgotten! In my heart forever!
    I plan to make at least 4 of 4 of your hat & cowl crocheted patterns Krista! All your patterns are super in beauty & also quickness! Especially because I’m making them all for Christmas.
    Have to go now, my hooks are waiting!! Thank you so very much for your beautiful patterns!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

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